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This exciting introduction to landscape drawing and painting gives you a great opportunity to explore and experiment with a range of media: charcoal, soft pastels and acrylic paint. We’ll take inspiration from our own favourite environments as well as looking at works by renowned landscape artists and consider how landscape art has evolved. Your tutor will guide and support you throughout the learning process. Join us to gain confidence, start or develop your landscape painting journey and find the style of working which suits you.

Course description

History: Landscape Painting in Context 20/6/24 and 4/7/24 (for one hour on each date, the remaining hour will be practical art)

Discover how social change, inventions and the industrial revolution influenced artists. Consider the impact of industrial machines, photography and motorised travel and begin to understand how art moved away from realistic paintings to more abstract ways of interpreting the world. What does this tell us? How does our environment influence what we create? We’ll discuss work from diverse artists such as Constable, Monet, Doig and Hockney and take inspiration from their approaches.

Introduction to Landscape Drawing and Painting 6/6/24 - 18/7/24

Learn how to approach landscape drawing and painting in a range of media: charcoal, soft pastel and acrylic paint. Take inspiration from the artists we have studied to help you identify your own preferences for colour, techniques and mood. Gain confidence in using both linear and atmospheric perspective to show depth in your work. Experiment with different techniques to find which suits you best and start to develop your own preferences and style. A list of suggested materials will be provided on Canvas, it will include basic art supplies and paper or canvas suitable for use with the different media. Join our friendly and supportive tutor for this exciting introduction to landscape drawing and painting.

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