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We know that 2020 was a strange year.

Move into the new year with #2021goals and learn with us.

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I want to make sure James and his fellow
students enjoy learning. I take the time 
to listen to their stories!

Fatima - WEA Tutor

It has stretched me and given me a thirst for the literature I have not
been introduced to before. It feels like a late second chance,
I was capable of more but my education did not provide it when young.

Jane – WEA Student

I’m retired now but I look back at my time with the WEA as a highlight in my working life. I’m so glad I discovered it, even though it was late in my career. It’s so satisfying to know ones teaching has touched so many and made such a difference to so many lives.

Bill Paley - former WEA Tutor

The WEA has been a life saver to me - motivating me to get out of the house and distracting me from chronic pain.

John – WEA Student

They always feel intimidated. My first job is to make them feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Rebecca - WEA Tutor

I first went on a WEA course after fleeing from domestic abuse and losing my home and moving to a new area in emergency accommodation.  It was a real life line for me and helped me enormously.

Juliana – WEA Student

It’s easy to take for granted how lucky you are to be working full time.

Ian - WEA Volunteer (Lloyds Volunteer Partnership)

Our tutor, made it so easy. He has this amazing way of making you learn without you knowing you’re doing it.

Debbie – WEA Student

I’ll encourage them to have a good blether. What usually comes out is they had a bad experience of mainstream education.

Ross - WEA Tutor

The tutor was fantastic, he listened brilliantly and had great wisdom and advice that I'm sure has helped with my confidence in pursuing a career in education.

Amy – WEA Student

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£250K programme to tackle digital divide

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