A WEA near you: the WEA branch network extends right across England. These branches play a crucial role in spreading the important adult education message.

In Scotland, our local associations bring adult learning within reach in Scottish communities.

From tens to hundreds of learners attending courses each and every month, each of our branches is unique in what it offers, with a wide range of subjects delivered by experienced, knowledgeable tutors, both in local venues and online.

WEA branches near you: a local learning community

Each branch also provides crucial support to the community it serves. Our branches act as a meeting place for people to come together over a shared interest (or, over the enjoyment of learning something new). Our courses also become somewhere for learners to chat to each other and relax in a supportive, caring environment.

Special interest branches

There are also a number of themed branches, each focused around a key topic, such as our Trades Union Branch or our green branches, of which there are several around the country. These branches meet regularly to discuss issues impacting society such as workers rights and climate change.

Where is my local WEA branch or local association?

Check out the map below to find your nearest branch or Scottish local association. You can zoom in and out to find a branch near you. Please note the map pins represent the geography of the branch as opposed to the exact location of any venues or buildings the branch use.

You can also click the icon in the top left-hand corner of the map to see a list of branches broken down by their geographical region.

You’ll find the contact details for the branch on the map pin (if available), as well as a link to the courses that are taking place within the branch setting.