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Do you enjoy art and decoration? Join our beginners Decorative Painting group and explore how to paint and decorate various pieces such as potter and glass. The WEA has created a face to face course where you will be in a safe, friendly atmosphere within your community and learning with like minded people. Discover different techniques such as block printing and ceramic painting whilst being led by our expert arts and crafts tutor. You will be using upcylcled materials as well as lino blocks onto different papers and fabrics and you are welcome to bring your own to decorate.

Course description

Discover different block printing techniques, develop you own style and understanding of working with decorative colourful paints and making your own print blocks, using upcycled materials as well as lino blocks onto different papers and fabrics. You will be in a group of friendly like-minded people who wish to explore their creativity and you will be led by our fabulous arts and crafts tutor. The WEA teach in your local community so no long journeys to your local education establishment and it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never attempted arts and crats before, or you are more experienced, the tutor will cater for all.

Explore different painting techniques onto glass and ceramics and develop you own style and understanding of working within the decorative colourful paints whilst making your own piece of decorative ceramic or glassware. Explore several different painting techniques onto wood, fabric, glass and ceramics. These techniques will allow you to expand your own style and understanding of working and making your own decorative pieces. Perhaps you would like to make a gift for someone else? Or you would rather display your own masterpieces in your own home. Come along and enjoy a friendly craft experience.

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