WEA Impact Report 2019 

Challenges such as unemployment, social exclusion, self-doubt and anxiety are combining to create gaps in our communities. At the WEA, we help to bridge these gaps with adult education.

This impact report demonstrates the social value of the WEA over the last year and how the ‘WEA effect’ on people’s lives creates real change.

This report presents the findings of research with more than 5,000 adult students who responded to questions on the wider impact of their learning with the WEA.

Here are the key findings over the last 12 months:

► Helping unemployed students move into work

  • 91% felt ready for work following their course
  • 69% had a clearer idea of how to get a job
  • 33% found work after their course

► In work progression for employed students

  • 31% could do their job better following their course
  • 30% were more confident for the future
  • 7% earned more; 8% got a new job

► Skills for life and work

  • 54% are now independent learners
  • 53% improved their critical thinking
  • 44% are now better communicators
  • 23% became better problem solvers

►Vibrant communities and active citizens 

  • 80% found it easier to make new friends
  • 70% mixed with people of different backgrounds
  • 39% have gained the skills to volunteer
  • 37% are more accepting of other cultures
  • 36% now feel they belong more in their community

►Positive impact on parenting and family life

  • 66% encouraged their children to learn more
  • 64% can now help their children with reading, writing or maths