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Leading a busy life leaves little room for calm and relaxation. This can make it hard for us to wind down and enjoy the present, but finding these moments of calm is essential for our well-being. This Yoga , Meditation and Mindfulness programme is ideal for beginners or anyone that wants support in returning to their practice through a gentle approach. Did you know that the purpose of Hatha Yoga is to prepare both body and mind for the practice of meditation? Yoga practice supports you to ease physical tension in the body as well as improving your strength, flexibility and balance. You will practice an accessible range of stretches and postures , staying connected to your breathing. A session of Yoga practice will prepare you for the calming practice of Meditation and Mindfulness. You will learn to still the mind through simple, calming breathing techniques and enjoy the practice of Yoga Nidra which encourages deep relaxation of your whole being, supported by soothing visualisation. During this practice, you will set a positive intention for the day. This programme will provide you with a weekly opportunity to start your day feeling calm and focused.

Course description

This mat-based beginners course will introduce you to yoga as a holistic practice that supports your well-being. You will be introduced to breathing practices, breath and movement integration and a balanced range of accessible postures. A balanced range of postures are the essential ingredients of our yoga practice to promote a healthy back.

The focus throughout the practice will be ensuring that your yoga practice is adapted to meet your individual needs, our focus will be on a safe and comfortable range of movement.

You will then progress to morning mindfulness and meditation practice. You will learn that the key to meditation practice is relaxation, we can only arrive in the present moment by relaxing into it. You will learn to recognise that relaxation of the body allows the mind to slow down and relax.

Rather than trying to block out thoughts, you will learn to accept the presence of thoughts and emotions with a sense of calm detachment in a safe and supportive learning environment. You will learn simple techniques that help you to anchor your awareness in the present moment : awareness of your surroundings, your body and your breathing. Each session will end with a guided relaxation allowing you to deeply rest in present awareness and set a positive intention for the day.

You will need a yoga mat and to wear comfortable clothing for your online yoga sessions. After this short beginners course you may be ready to progress to an Intermediate Yoga and Meditation course.

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