Course overview

Leading a busy life leaves little room for calm and relaxation. This can make it hard for us to wind down and enjoy the present. But finding these moments of calm is essential for our emotional well-being and mental health. If you would like to learn relaxation techniques to help you relieve stress or would like to develop your relaxation practice, this course may be ideal for you. This is a practice - based course. The course will help you to gain comfort in your body through body awareness practices. You will also learn simple, calming breathing techniques. This course will introduce you to gentle, mindful movement to ease tension. All sessions will end with a guided Yoga Nidra practice and soothing visualisation that encourages deep rest of mind and body and promotes restful sleep.

Course description

Modern society is often fast - paced causing many of us to feel overwhelmed and stressed, learning to relax is an effective tool to support stress management. This course is suitable for anyone - if you want to learn how to really relax, this course is ideal for you and you are encouraged to join.

Relaxation practice requires us to become aware of our body and our breathing. You will learn to improve comfort through your body using body awareness practices, contraction and release practices and gentle movement. The focus is on gentle and accessible movement. You will learn to move within your own comfortable range of movement, purely for the purpose of relaxing. You will learn to focus on your breathing and to relax both mind and body through calming, breathing techniques.

Each session will prepare you for the Yoga Nidra guided relaxation, which is a practice that relaxes the whole body and calms the nervous system. You will also be guided through a calming visualisation which will support you to nurture positive emotions and a sense of acceptance and gratitude.

Learning will take place in a supportive and friendly online environment. You will be able to access relaxation practice recordings in Canvas, our digital learning platform.

You will discover that relaxation is an enjoyable experience that significantly enhances your well-being, everyone deserves time to rest and unwind.

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