Course overview

This course is for those wishing to improve knowledge and experience in the use of the mobile’s functions, composition, lighting, and a sound general knowledge of photographic skills, which are designed to help you get a full understanding and appreciation for photography as a whole. This will not be academic but will share a good mix of theory and practice, though centred more towards the practical side. This course is all about learning creative principles that will serve you in every situation. No technical skills required but a desire to learn and an open mind is necessary as well as a basic working knowledge of a smartphone. At its heart, mobile photography is about fun. The joy of having a camera available at those moments you want to keep is what it’s all about.

Course description

Photography is bound up in the history of technological innovations, from the invention of the Daguerreotype to the digital revolution. Each new technological breakthrough has shifted the way we see and represent the world photographically.

This course will provide practical guidance to help you make your photos really stand out and how to develop the use of format, orientation and editing for different grounds. To use your phone’s inbuilt technology to crop your images, adjust contrast, colour, and exposure Mastering how to find the proper light for your subject: to identify light sources to take pictures of portraits, landscapes and objects.

Gain confidence in using, controlling and manipulating smartphone’s cameras.

Accomplish the fundamentals of photography to strengthen your mental muscles: to tell a story with a single picture or with a series of them. A lot of what makes an interesting image. Interesting is not always about the technical know how of the photographer but in the composition of the elements within the image itself.

Both technical skills and creating great photos will be covered in an understandable way, with a view to applying the skills learnt in your own environment. You will be encouraged to take part in group discussions throughout the course.

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