Course overview

In this course, you will use line drawing as a way to relax by developing a comprehensive understanding of line drawing techniques. We'll start by enhancing your ability to recall various line drawing methods. Next, you'll gain insights into the distinctions between these techniques, enabling you to effectively compare and contrast them. Through practical exercises, you'll learn how to apply these techniques, and you'll evaluate their success in different contexts. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your newfound skills by independently creating a unique piece using one of the line drawing techniques. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently employ various line drawing techniques, produce your own compelling artwork and how to use drawing as relaxation

Course description

This course focuses on drawing techniques and using drawing to relax, starting with an engaging induction into the world of line drawing, setting the stage for our exploration of four distinct techniques. In week 1 you will delve into the art of grid drawing and mastering 1:1 scale drawing. Through practical exercises, we'll experiment with scaling drawings up and down, honing your precision. In week 2 you will discover the power of finders, a tool to sharpen your drawing and observation skills. You will be guided through their creation and usage, enhancing your artistic prowess. In week 3 you will break free from traditional tools as we explore drawing without conventional pencils or pens. Immerse yourself in the calming world of experimental art and learn from notable artists who embrace this approach. In week 4, line itself becomes the focus, and you will dissect the significance of line in drawing, unlocking its potential as a vital expressive element. In week 5 you will have an opportunity for to showcase your newfound skills and independently create a unique piece using one of the line drawing techniques explored during the course, solidifying your skills and leaving with a portfolio of impressive work.

You will learn through practical tasks and peer learning. You will receive weekly feedback from your tutor.

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