Course overview

Are you looking for work in the UK or thinking of starting work in the UK? If you have never worked in the UK or worked abroad but limited experience of working in the UK, this course is for you. The course is designed to support your job search skills You will write your own CV, complete a mock application form and take part in mock interviews Along with your colleagues , you will practice your English through informal activities and group discussions to prepare you for the world of work and improve your confidence.

Course description

The course will introduce you to different sectors and job roles, where to look for job opportunities, employment rights and responsibilities. You will learn how to put forward your work experience, educational qualifications and hobbies and interests; by creating your own CV, understand the vocabulary in job adverts, job descriptions and what an employer is looking for when recruiting. You will also look at terms and conditions of different types of employment, culture and custom in different workplaces and improve your understanding of what to expect. There will be an opportunity to undertake a mock job interview to improve your communication, confidence and presentation skills. We will help you put together a personal cv action plan based on the goals you want to achieve in the world of work to help identify your next steps.

This is a face to face class in Reading .

You will also need a minimum of Entry 2 or 3 English to participate in this course. If you have not already had a skills assessment to check your English level we can arrange this and refer you to suitable preparation courses so that you can reach this level.

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