Course overview

This course is in partnership with Parents4Parents for members of their community. The 8-hour paediatric first aid course provides comprehensive training on the essential skills, numeracy and responsibilities of a paediatric first aider. Participants will learn the critical role they play in emergency situations involving infants and children and also how maths plays a role in that. Core topics covered include CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), including both resuscitation techniques and defibrillation procedures tailored for paediatric cases. Additionally, the course covers the management of seizures, choking incidents, wounds, bites, and stings commonly encountered in paediatric emergencies. Through hands-on practice and theoretical instruction, participants gain the confidence and skills necessary to effectively respond to paediatric medical crises and potentially save lives.

Course description

This course is in partnership with Parents4Parents for members of their community. Do you work with children? Have you ever wondered how to keep your own children safe in an emergency? Join us for this comprehensive paediatric first aid course and learn how you can play a vital role in children's safety.

In this thorough 8-hour paediatric first aid course, participants learn about the vital role of a paediatric first aider, how to respond to emergencies involving babies and children and what maths you need to know to do this. The course starts with detailed CPR training, covering basic and advanced techniques designed for kids. Participants also learn how to use defibrillators in paediatric situations.

Moving on from CPR, the course covers various common paediatric emergencies. Participants are taught how to recognise and handle seizures and choking incidents in children, considering their unique needs.

Furthermore, the course includes comprehensive training on assessing and treating wounds, bites, and stings in kids. Participants gain practical skills in wound care, infection control, and safely managing bites and stings to avoid complications.

Through hands-on practice and discussions with experts, participants gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to effectively handle a wide range of paediatric medical emergencies. The aim is to empower participants to make a positive impact in children's lives when emergencies arise.

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