Course overview

We will be preparing, in real time, a one pot complete meal in the slow cooker which is healthy and budget friendly. The recipe will be adaptable to suit most dietary needs and freezable so you can make enough for another day as well. You will be able to cook along with me, if you would like to, asking questions as we go. The recipe will be on the Canvas page for the course, so you will be able to go shopping beforehand. If you have attended a course with me before, i shall be making something new.

Course description

Short of time and wanting to eat well? Cook along with me to make a healthy complete meal in the slow cooker using budget friendly, seasonal ingredients. Your meal will be ready to eat about 4 hours later in the day (or 8 hours on a low setting), and a vegetarian option will be available in the recipe, together with other dietary alternatives. You are welcome to ask about any nutrition queries you may have. I will upload the recipe onto Canvas before the session. The recipe will be a new one for me, so you will cook something different even if you have attended a course with me in the past. Questions are welcome throughout the session and all questions are welcome. Chatting during the session is encouraged, this is a social time with the bonus of a lovely meal to eat later in the day. This is an opportunity to meet others and expand your use of your slow cooker.

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