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"Confidence Building for the Unemployed" is your pathway to reclaiming confidence and seizing new career opportunities. Led by a seasoned mentor, this empowering course combines informative discussions with confidence-building activities. With personalized guidance and supportive feedback, you'll cultivate resilience and self-belief, ready to conquer any challenge the job market throws your way. Join us on this game-changing course to reignite your career aspirations and step confidently into a brighter professional future.

Course description

In this beginners course, learners embark on a transformative journey guided by an experienced tutor who understands the unique challenges of being out of work and lacking confidence. Through tailored activities and discussions, learners cultivate resilience and self-belief, essential qualities for navigating the job market and excelling in daily life.

The curriculum includes practical exercises, such as understanding body language, practicing interview techniques, and projecting confidence. These personal development themed activities are supplemented by class discussions and reflective exercises to gain experience and build self-awareness.

Participants receive personalized feedback and supportive guidance, fostering confidence to pursue new opportunities and overcome setbacks. With a focus on fostering a growth mindset and self-assurance, the course equips participants with the tools and mindset needed to re-approach the workforce with confidence and determination.

Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery and growth, where you'll not only rebuild your confidence but also unlock your full potential.

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We don't want anything to stand in your way when it comes to bringing Adult learning within reach so if you need anything to support you to achieve your goals then speak to one of our education experts during your enrolment journey. Most of our courses are government funded but if you don't qualify or need alternative financial help to access them then let us know.

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All of our digital content, teaching and learning activities and assessments are designed to be accessible so if you need any additional support you can discuss this with the education experts during your enrolment journey and we will do all we can to make sure you have optimal access.

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