Course overview

“Women in the Shadows" explores the resilience and creativity of women writers, artists, and musicians in 19th-century Europe, highlighting their remarkable ability to overcome societal barriers and leave a lasting impact on culture and society. Despite facing numerous obstacles, these women defied expectations and carved out spaces for themselves in male-dominated fields, challenging norms and stereotypes along the way. Through their groundbreaking work and pioneering spirit, they not only asserted their presence but also contributed significantly to the artistic and intellectual landscape of their time. This course explores and sheds light on their often-overlooked contributions and celebrates their enduring legacy.

Course description

This comprehensive course delves into the lives and achievements of 19th-century women writers, artists, and composers/performers who defied societal norms to pursue their passions in the face of formidable obstacles. It will examine the myriad of challenges these trailblazers encountered, ranging from societal disapproval and prejudice to the practical hurdles of establishing a career in the arts. Participants will gain insight into the daunting task of navigating a male-dominated industry, including the barriers to education, recognition, and advancement faced by women striving to make their mark in a "man's world."

Moreover, the course offers a balanced exploration of the triumphs achieved by these extraordinary women, highlighting those who attained widespread acclaim during their lifetimes, only to face subsequent obscurity posthumously. By critically evaluating their enduring legacies and the factors contributing to their rediscovery, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of women's emancipation and its impact on the recognition and appreciation of women in the arts from the 20th century onward. Through engaging discussions and analyses, this course celebrates the resilience, creativity, and enduring legacy of these remarkable women, shedding light on their invaluable contributions to the artistic and cultural fabric of their time and beyond.

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