Course overview

Ancient Egyptian civilization endured for three thousand years and includes a 300-year period termed by Egyptologists the Middle Kingdom. In this course suitable for both newcomers and those with more experience of ancient Egypt we explore this fascinating period in Egypt’s history. The Middle Kingdom in Egypt is a time of literature, pyramids, conquest and fascinating artefacts. In this course which will be rich in visuals but also include some texts we will explore different types of evidence together in an informal setting to seek to understand more about this pivotal time in ancient Egypt.

Course description

While perhaps not as well-known as its Old Kingdom predecessor or New Kingdom successor the Middle Kingdom played a critical role in the development of ancient Egypt. The 11th Dynasty pharaoh Mentuhotep II reunites Egypt from Thebes bringing the First Intermediate Period to an end. The succeeding 12th Dynasty in particular was a period of strong pharaohs, the conquest of Lower Nubia, the resumption of pyramid building and especially the flourishing of the arts. The classic Middle Egyptian language evolves in this period as does the literature which was to endure for up to a millennium.

This course provides an opportunity in a way accessible for all to study this important period of ancient Egyptian history. We’ll consider a rounded set of evidence including:

• The Tale of Sinuhe – a classic of Middle Kingdom Literature

• Pyramids from the Middle Kingdom

• The Middle Kingdom conquest of Lower Nubia

• Private tombs from the Middle Kingdom

• Artefacts – big and small

Through these sources we can understand both how this period in Egyptian history develops from what has proceeded it but also sets the stage for the so-called ‘Golden Empire’ of the New Kingdom.

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