This section is for those people who are currently WEA tutors and who may be seeking information, resources or contacts at WEA.

There are growing banks of information and resources published on our Intranet and on WEAVE, our online learning platform for staff, including tutors. This includes guidance and support for teaching your course, including suggested resources and activities for a growing number of subjects.

In addition there are copies of information sheets, forms and policies that you may need to access whilst teaching your courses. A good place to start is the tutor section of the Intranet

You will need your log in details and passwords to access these resources. All WEA tutors are given a log in and password but if you have forgotten yours click on one of the following –

Renew your Intranet password by clicking here           

Renew your WEAVE password by clicking here

If you have any queries about your course, get in touch with the WEA Tutor Support Team who will be able to help you or signpost you to an appropriate contact.

Tutor Support can be contacted by email or by telephone on 0300 303 3464

Resource highlights:

The list of curriculum resources and support materials is growing all the time. Current highlights include

Tutor Training:

Tutor training opportunities spring/ summer 2017 (816.53 KB)

Tutor training opportunities spring/ summer (English, maths and ESOL Tutors) 2017 (724.6 KB)


Keep in Touch:

If you have any questions or suggestions, do get in touch with the Quality and Curriculum Team

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