The best free online classes

If you ask us, nothing says bargain better than a complimentary class. That's why we're bringing you a few of our top free courses around the UK that are available at WEA.

Learning doesn't have to cost you an arm and leg; we're proving quite the opposite, actually. Whether you're looking for something hands-on, want to get more tech-savvy or fancy learning how to be wallet-friendly, we've got you sorted in our pick of the best free online courses and workshops at WEA.

What's more, you may be entitled to study for free with the WEA. To see if you are eligible, please see here.

Learn WordPress in a fortnight (C2228813)

One of the best free digital courses for those of you looking to understand WordPress, this WEA class will show you all the ins and outs of the popular website buider. This is suited for beginners and will ensure that you have a strong foundational understanding of the site, before you go onto build and curate your own site.  

Date: 23/05/22 - 31/05/22

Time: 10am

Budgeting for beginners (C2423591)

With energy and gas bills on the rise, this is definitely one of our top picks when it comes to the best free online classes. Taking place over just one afternoon, the session will provide you with tips and techniques to stay on top of your household outgoings, as well as getting to grips with your personal finances.  

Date: 01/06/22

Time: 3pm

'Skint to Savvy': Improve your relationship with money (C3533481)

Become more money savvy and grow your financial confidence in just 6 weeks with this course. Your WEA tutor will cover budgeting, saving and spending, managing your bank accounts, bills and more. Plus, credit scores will also be explained: everything you need to compile your own personal action plan. 

Date: 08/06/22 - 13/07/22

Time: 9:30am

How to start a cake/baking business (C3533483)

Join Hilary Hoblyn for a free course in setting up your own baked goods business. Perfect for those of you looking to take your love of baking to the next level, this thorough course will take you through all the steps needed - from health and safety requirements to social media promotion and how to go about pricing your goods.

Date: 09/06/22 - 14/07/22

Time: 10pm

Taster - Exploring art: reality and escapism (C3533623)

How does art express social topics of its time? How can we use it as a form of escapism from the everyday? This June, Rachel Holland-Hargreaves will be giving you a 90-minute overview into these fascinating topics during her brilliant online class.

Date: 10/06/22

Time: 1pm

Excel for the workplace (C3533484)

Want to understand the basics of Excel for business? Then these free online classes are for you. Designed for beginners, the interactive course will take you through the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel. You'll also be able to practice your skills and ask your tutor any questions you have. 

Date: 10/06/22 - 15/07/22

Time: 11am

Tool kit for world travellers (C3533641)

One of the best beginners classes for those of you looking to go travelling, this online session will help you turn those blue sky dreams into concrete plans. Spend 90 minutes going through all the essentials - think ad hoc accommodation, visas, outfit choices and more. 

Date: 14/06/22

Time: 7pm

First steps to building confidence (C2347525)

Lorna Poole will teach you easy and effective ways that you can counteract negative thoughts and low self-esteem in this workshop. Not only is it brilliant for combating stress, but you can also take it from the comfort of your own home.

Date: 14/06/22

Time: 10am

GFTU - songs making history (C3532812)

This brilliant course is a 10/10 for free classes and workshops. Wendy Coward is taking you back to a time (before the bicycle) when political ideas and news were shared through songs. Listen and revel in the interesting melodic history of music.

Date: 15/06/22

Time: 11am

Introduction to Using Powerpoint (C2423705)

Grace Adejuwon's free online classes will teach you how to use Microsoft Powerpoint. Beginners will learn how to make stylish slides and complex presentations for both personal and professional purposes - all in just a fortnight.

Date: 21/06/22 - 28/06/22

Time: 10:30am

Food Hygiene (C3533708)

Learn all the ins and outs of food hygiene from an international chef at these free classes you can take online. Kevin Ashton will take you through fridge and freezer storage, temperature requirements, safe food handling, food preparation and much more. Plus, if you wish to take the Level 2 food hygiene exam afterwards, you'll be shown where to purchase it (for £14.40). 

Date: 18/07/22 - 28/07/22

Time: 9:30am

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