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If you struggle with sums, you're not alone. Numeracy skills in the UK are getting worse. Almost 8 out of 10 adults struggle with maths. Developing skills with numbers can help learners improve their health, get a better job and find a good deal. 

Our courses can be run online or in-person, at times and places to suit groups or individuals. Course length can be adapted to suit learner needs and we’re always happy to organise tasters or workshops so that learners can dip their toes in the water before diving into a full course.

We offer free online maths courses up to SCQF Core Skills Level 5, which is equal to a maths Nat 5 (grade C+). Courses can be accredited or unaccredited.

We also offer Multiply courses - learn more at our Multiply pages.

I gained confidence in helping my children with their homework

Maths Anxiety/ Number Confidence Workshops
Anyone can experience maths anxiety, or fear of maths, including adults and children. Although maths anxiety can affect your performance, it’s not connected to intelligence or ability in maths. Two in three learners who worry about maths will eventually succeed in the subject.

Our Maths Anxiety workshops help raise awareness of maths anxiety, whether it’s in the workplace, learning environments or the home. We look at the possible causes of maths anxiety and explore simple steps we can take to address maths anxiety.

Budgeting Courses
We focus on finding budgeting approaches that meet the needs of the individual through exploring various methods such as The Envelope System, using a spreadsheet, budgeting apps, discussing savings that can be made through payment methods, and much more.

Critical Numeracy: Big Number Numbness
Our Critical Numeracy courses help participants explore the numbers that matter to them, whether they want to learn how to gather and present their own statistics or make sense of the graphs, infographics and numbers that politicians use to persuade us to vote for them

Introduction to Pupil Support 
Our Introduction to Pupil Support courses have been popular across Scotland, from the Highlands to Fife and Glasgow. Courses can be run online or in-person and come in 6-week and 10-week versions.

These courses are ideal for anyone who is thinking about getting into work in Pupil Support in primary schools. Learners explore the role, prepare to apply for jobs and learn about the Curriculum for Excellence and the Scottish Government’s Pupil Support Staff framework. The focus is on supporting children’s numeracy, learning through play and structured learning.

Maths Online Self-Study Course 
This self-study course is designed to help learners who lack confidence with numbers, using the WEA's fun, engaging, interactive multimedia resources. Learners can work through the course at their own pace, with our friendly Numeracy Coaches on hand if they need support.

Supporting Adults to Support Children’s Numeracy
Our Supporting Children’s Numeracy courses help learners discover ways to support parents, carers, grandparents or volunteers who work with children or young people. Sessions include how to boost numeracy learning through everyday activities; create a positive number environment; get creative with numbers; and much more.

Songwriting and numeracy
One of the biggest barriers to numeracy learning is the fear and anxiety many learners feel when they think about the maths they learned at school. We want to break that association and help learners come to numbers in a relaxed and supportive environment!

This course will embed numeracy teaching and learning in our popular songwriting course that learners love by exploring graphic notation, fractions in musical notes, and finding the patterns and sequences in beat, tempo and rhythm.

Supporting Adult Learners’ Numeracy/ Supporting Adults’ Numeracy Skills
This course brings together practitioners from the third and public sectors who support adults in the community to recognise, reflect on and share experiences of supporting adults’ numeracy skills in a range of settings. We explore ways of supporting everyday number skills, including Maths Anxiety, Budgeting, Travel, Food, Cooking & Nutrition; Citizenship; Health and identify a variety of free Open Educational Resources to support our practice. 

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