Seyed never thought of himself as a creative person, but on arriving in the UK from Iran, his love of learning and language led him onto a WEA Creative Writing class where he has written beautiful poetry. 

It’s an absolute privilege to study in the WEA institute - the place which nurtures us for a better life

"I met a friend who introduced me to the WEA to learn English – it’s the best decision I ever made!

We have learned social norms, rules, manners, history and life lessons throughout our English courses. Thanks to the courses I’ve joined many communities because I can now communicate with them."

During his ESOL and Creative Writing classes, Seyed demonstrated exceptional dedication and progress in mastering the English language. He showcased remarkable creativity and a thirst for knowledge; his passion for English has inspired his peers; and his aspiration to continue expanding his language skills is evident. 

Seyed’s thirst of knowledge has led him to explore British Literature and he is looking to study this further. His future looks promising, with plans to volunteer in ESOL classrooms, exemplifying his eagerness to support others on their language-learning journey. 

“WEA has always encouraged me to find my way in this country. It makes me confident that I can now find work to live with dignity and have a better life in the future. 

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