“Making friends via WEA has really helped me move into an area where I knew nobody. I’ve made many friends at my WEA class, and we meet for lunch and enjoy social get-togethers.” 

Colin started a creative writing course with the WEA 11 years ago, following a friend’s recommendation. The course has helped improve his writing, thanks to an “inspiring” tutor, her constructive criticism and his classmates’ helpful support. 

As well as improving his creative writing and IT skills, the classes have been a boost to Colin’s health. 

“My weekly course at WEA has been beneficial for my physical and mental wellbeing. 

“I'm retired, and I know my WEA course has helped my physical and mental health so that I can save the NHS money! Education at all times in our life is important and aids our contribution to society, be it work or voluntary service.” 

Colin shares his creative writing with family and friends and has also shared his poetry with organisations including Mind UK. He also keeps active as a volunteer with a local arts organisation and the RSPCA.  

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