When he first joined us in 2018, Emson suffered from stress and regular health issues. As an asylum seeker and someone who was new to the area, Emson was keen to meet new people and learn more about the country, and so he took a WEA history course.

Since then, Emson has come on leaps and bounds: "The course greatly improved my confidence and I no longer pay the regular visits to the GP due to my health’" Not only that, but he has also found a community of kind like-minded individuals.

I have made a lot of friends who are very supportive

But that's not all... Following on from his history course, Emson enrolled onto a computer courses and is currently volunteering at his local cathedral, museum and WEA branch. "I have also been given the opportunity to learn some skills in administration which will help me in future when looking for a job".

Emson's suggestion to anyone considering studying with us? "My advice is that the WEA can help you improve your life and help you acquire skills which will improve your life. lf you are lonely you will meet friends and have a healthy social life. If you talk to the staff, they will help you find something which fits your needs".  

A portrait photo of WEA learner Emson
Lady in yellow jumper learning with the WEA on her laptop

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