Courses for parents, grandparents and carers  

Raising children is both rewarding and challenging, which is why we are here to help. Parenting courses help you understand your child’s needs better and build up your parenting skills.   

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Practical courses

Learn more about child psychology and how to support your child at school.  Get practical parenting tips and help your child manage their emotions. Help children and young people manage stress and anxiety.    

Our courses are non-judgmental and are just here to help you communicate better. Discover online parenting courses and WEA classes near you. 

Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities

Find out more about specific learning disabilities. Understand more about autism and different ways to communicate with a child with autism. Learn more about sensory issues in young people with autism and the impact they can have. Share experiences with other parents and try hands-on activities to help your child. 

Discover ways to support children with ADHD, both at home and at school. Discover positive parenting techniques that help you feel more in control. Understand special educational needs and how to advocate for your child. Find out how to get an EHCP and where to go to get more help. 

Work-related courses  

Interested in working in schools or childcare? Check out our courses here.

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Understanding ADHD

Are you or a loved one waiting on a diagnosis for ADHD? If so, the tools and resources in this ADHD course can support you through the process. Having correct and up-to-date information is a crucial part of understanding the diagnosis. This equality & diversity course is aimed at people supporting others with ADHD. Gain understanding of what ADHD is and how it affects behaviour. Consider the facts and myths surrounding ADHD and learn ways to interact productively with individuals with ADHD. Gain awareness of behaviour that challenges and explore strategies to manage it.

Course Information

Wed 19/06/2024 -
Wed 19/06/2024
10:00am - 12:00pm
1 sessions
Riverside Community Health Project (Newc
Carnegie Building
Atkinson Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Jennifer Moore
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In venue
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Free to £8.40

Helping your child with numbers for Purfleet Trust (Multiply Norfolk)

Do you lack confidence with maths? Do you want to be able to support your children with their schoolwork? As a parent, you play an important role in shaping your child's mathematical future. This course will empower you with creative and practical approaches to make numbers engaging and accessible. You will learn fun and engaging ways to support your children with number skills development that will help you grow as a maths educator and foster a positive attitude towards learning and numeracy. This is a free course for parents like you, with tips and tactics to help your primary school children with numbers even if you struggle with numbers yourself!

Course Information

Thu 11/07/2024 -
Thu 11/07/2024
10:00am - 12:00pm
2 sessions
Purfleet Pantry
Southgates Roundabout
King's Lynn
PE30 5SX
Laura Howsen
Course code:
How you'll learn:
In venue
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