Course overview

Explore essential skills for managing your family’s digital safety, personal finances, and family wellbeing. This course empowers participants to protect their families online, manage finances digitally, and leverage technology for overall family wellness. The internet is vast and fast moving and often our children are more tech savy, this course will cover how you can manage what your children can access in order to increase their safety. The course will also cover a range of digital tools that can help you keep track of your personal budget at the click of a button as well as exploring what applications and sites can have a positive influence on family wellbeing.

Course description

"In our comprehensive course on ""Digital Family Management,"" participants will learn crucial strategies and skills to safeguard their families in today's digital landscape. The module on ""Keeping Your Family Digitally Safe"" covers topics such as online privacy, safe internet browsing habits, and protecting against cyber threats. Participants will gain practical knowledge to create secure passwords, recognise phishing attempts, and set parental controls effectively.

The segment on ""Keeping Track of Your Finances Digitally"" equips learners with tools to manage budgets, track expenses, and make informed financial decisions using digital platforms and apps. From online banking security measures to budgeting software, participants will develop skills essential for financial stability and planning.

Lastly, the module ""Using Digital Devices for Family Wellbeing"" focuses on utilising technology to enhance family connections, manage screen time effectively, and promote digital balance. Participants will explore strategies for fostering healthy device use habits among family members and leveraging technology for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Through interactive exercises, case studies, and practical demonstrations, participants will gain hands-on experience and confidence in managing digital safety, financial responsibilities, and family harmony in the digital age."

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