The Reach Out project aims to support individuals in enhancing their literacy and numeracy skills, alleviating social isolation, improving mental and physical health, developing IT skills, and boosting employability prospects. The project caters to both males and females aged 16 and above.

This is all done through facilitating various classes/courses. The project is student-led/student centred and the courses are facilitated through student input, ideas and help.

Reach Out is a genuinely non-discriminatory project, which values its learners equally. It works with particularly marginalised and vulnerable people. It is underpinned by WEA values, reflecting equality, and the fundamental importance of using a genuinely student-centred learning approach as a means to raise confidence levels and increase self-esteem - and ultimately change lives.

The WEA Reach Out staff do not judge and are prepared to support the learning journeys of their learners, irrespective of their previous history and ongoing issues.

The project’s target groups, which include those with long-term substance misuse issues, mental health issues, those going through the criminal justice system, and those with learning difficulties/disabilities, are frequently defined by their ‘issue’ – and offered ‘specialist’ interventions/service provision.

The program is conducted in English, with translations available in Arabic, Pashto, Vietnamese, and Kurdish Sorani, and Tigrinya translations are soon to follow.

Learn more about our winter programme, which runs from 5th February to 29th March 2024 by downloading our Reach Out brochure at the bottom of the page.

WEA Scotland Reach Out Project 163 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AE

01224 640811      |      [email protected]

Please note that this is a rolling programme, you can get in touch anytime to book, even if the course has already started.

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Reach Out brochure for winter 2024

Reach Out brochure for winter 2024