The COSLA Excellence Awards focus on the work that local government and its partners are doing to help make Scotland’s communities better and fairer places. 

The Building Skills Together Refugee Integration Project aims to address the barriers that skilled refugees arriving in Scotland face. This includes accessing careers in construction, certifying their skills, enhancing their employability and enabling them to move from benefits into meaningful employment.  The resources developed are now available free of charge to all those working with New Scots and other adult learners to help them certify their skills to work in the UK construction industry and promote their wider integration. 

Alongside their well-deserved win, they were also declared a runner up for the Achieving Better Outcomes for the Most Vulnerable in Partnership award.  

Clare Cameron, WEA Education Coordinator, attended the ceremony on behalf of the WEA and played a pivotal role in the success of the project.  

Councillor Shona Morrison, COSLA President and Chairperson of the Awards said, “What really shone through for me from this year’s entries was the sheer creativity and passion for their local communities – seeing people turn their local knowledge into incredible partnerships and projects to benefit the people living in their communities and generations to come is truly heartwarming.”

In addition to this, Ray McCowan, Director for WEA Scotland said “This award embodies everything that the WEA stands for and aspires to deliver; excellence in teaching and learning by dedicated staff, delivering outcomes for people that will make a life changing difference and creating opportunities for people who need help and support the most. All those involved with this project should be proud of their achievements and deserve this recognition.” 

Well done WEA Scotland for your dedication to helping adult learners integrate into communities. 

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