Commenting on today’s Government response to the consultation on Further Education Funding & Accountability, WEA CEO and General Secretary, Simon Parkinson said:

“It’s important that the Department has listened to the sector on the importance of Community Learning (which will now be called Tailored Learning). Everything we deliver has positive outcomes for learners and helps them progress in their lives. As the Minister himself recently said, community learning is vital for well-being. We hope that the forthcoming guidance will allow maximum flexibility in what Tailored Learning can support, recognising that many different types of courses have health, wellbeing and community benefits.

We are also pleased to see that the Government is prepared to explore incorporating wider transferable and essential skills into the accountability framework. As the response says: 'effective communication, and collaboration, are really important in the workplace' and we look forward to discussing how these types of skills can also be recognised.

As a provider working across the country, with funding agreements with nearly every Mayoral Combined Authority, we also look to the MCAs to be equally flexible in their approach to Tailored Learning. There is the opportunity to embed adult education in regional strategies that support outcomes in employment, health, wellbeing, and strengthening communities.

We also heard today from the Prime Minister on pay for public sector workers, including a 6.5% offer for teachers. We expect that the 6.5% will cover all public sector educators.”

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