Earlier this week we celebrated Frances Mansbridge’s birthday. Frances, alongside her husband Albert, founded the WEA. We literally wouldn’t be where we are today without her and we’ll always be grateful for her tenacity, drive and creativity that make us who we are today. 

2023 marks a special birthday of our own too, as we turn 120. Whilst we’ve been celebrating reaching such a key milestone, we’ve also been thinking about the future. We wanted to showcase exactly what it’s like to learn with us, whether online or in-person, and display what it is about learning with us that’s so great. 

That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our new video that features many of our brilliant tutors and wonderful learners that make up our WEA community. Simply click the button below, grab some popcorn and you’ll be able to watch it in all its glory. 

This is a beautiful community of lovely teachers that will give you the support you need

If you’d like to share your story about learning with us too, then please email us at [email protected].

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Jane, Jamie or Abdalazeez, then click here to check out our latest courses and see what’s available near you.  

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