What is the Pollinating People Place (PPP) project? In a nutshell, the project is based on 'helping people and nature connect' by creating new habitats and planting pollinator-friendly greenery to attract insects and wildlife. WEA Bristol decided to partner with St Mungo's, a nationwide homelessness charity, and Nature Connection CIC and have been combining arts and gardening to make colourful insect-friendly spaces. 

Giving us a rundown of the project, Anita shared "So far it has involved 78 people and 501 hours. The first stage involved learners from WEA learners and staff, planting the green roof and the plants around the structure. The Mental health awareness group were involved in planting for wellbeing". When they are finished, in Spring 2024, Anita hopes that they will have created an "inner city garden, bike shelter and a range of window boxes made from recycled materials to install on the WEA building and our neighbours".


Plus, it's not just the increased greenery and biodiversity, including goldfinch, blue tits, robins, sparrows that Anita has noticed since the start of the project. It's the positive effect it has had on the individuals involved. "Friendships have been made among WEA staff and learners and many St. Mungo's residents". Many involved have also noticed the positive effect it's had on them personally, with one commenting "I feel comfortable and welcome here."

It's improved my mental health, nature makes me feel optimistic. When I have had a hard week this makes me feel better"

We look forward to seeing how your green spaces develop! 

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