If you live in England and are passionate about your community and want to unlock the potential of local people and create opportunities for them, we’d love to hear from you. You could help us understand and respond to the areas of greatest need local to you. 

By joining a WEA Local Advisory Panel, you could play a critical role in helping the largest adult education charity in the UK understand local need and deliver on these. 

What is in it for you?  

  • Influence and impact: Your ideas and recommendations will directly shape our strategies and initiatives and unlock the potential of local people, service-users, future and current employees. You can help us do our life-changing work even better! 

  • Networking: Connect and collaborate with like-minded experts, forming valuable relationships that can open doors to new opportunities. 

  • Professional growth: Develop your knowledge of the education sector and fine tune your ability to advise, negotiate, collaborate with and consult multiple stakeholders. 

  • Recognition: Your valuable contribution will be acknowledged and celebrated. You will also receive access to the WEA’s award-winning lecture series, with a 12-month membership of the WEA. 

What we are looking for:  

  • Passionate individuals: We seek individuals who are deeply passionate about the success of their local community or business and the importance of education to achieve this. 

  • Diverse perspectives: We believe that the power of collective wisdom lies in embracing diversity. We welcome individuals from various industries, backgrounds, and cultures. 

  • Expertise: We particularly value prior experience of WEA learning, but this is not essential. Experience in the following would be hugely valuable too: Work in the education, voluntary or public sector, business or commercial, fundraising or marketing, finance or law, HR or learning & development. 

  • Collaborative Spirit: We are keen to recruit those able to work effectively within a team, listen actively, and constructively contribute to discussions. 

  • Active advocacy: We are looking for people with an interest in forging meaningful and productive connections with community organisations, employers and local leaders to advance the WEA’s mission to bring education in reach. 

Join one of our Local Advisory Panels as a volunteer and shape the future of adult education near you.  

While we are looking for representatives across England, we are urgently seeking interest from volunteers in: 

  • East Midlands 

  • Greater London 

  • North East 

  • Liverpool City Region 

  • West Midlands 

  • North Yorkshire & York 

  • Tees Valley 

  • Greater Manchester 

  • Cambridge & Peterborough 

  • West of England 

Together, we will create a better tomorrow for the communities we serve.  A full list of our planned local advisory groups, role descriptions and the expression of interest form can be found here.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity or receive any assistance with your application, please email [email protected]. We look forward to receiving your application and embarking on this transformative journey together! 

For more information about our recent changes in regional governance in England please read this story. 

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