Our trustees

Robin Cook

WEA English Regional Representative

Robin has spent his whole career within the Public Service, retiring from Senior Management. As a Civil Servant he had many and varied duties from which he gained a great deal of administrative, operational and strategic experience.

Throughout his career, he saw at first hand those who had experienced deprived circumstances, loneliness, poverty, disability and those who unfortunately missed out on education. All of this led him to become a supporter of the WEA. 
Robin first joined his local branch during the early 1990s and went onto serve on the Branch Committee. In 2004, he became a member of the East Midlands District Council which became the Regional Committee.

He served continuously, becoming first the Vice Chair and then the Chair in 2013. He also became a member of WEA Council in 2013, before becoming a Trustee in 2018. He is a supporter of several other charities. 

He currently serves on the Audit and Risk Committee, the Health & Safety Sub Committee and is a member of the Scotland Board.

Robin Cook, WEA English Regional Representative
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