Celebrating work-based learning

This week at the WEA, we’re proud to be taking part in Learning at Work Week. As the Director of Education for Skills and Employability at the WEA, I know how important work-based learning is to both employees and employers. This week is all about celebrating lifelong learning and the benefits that come with it, particularly when it comes to learning in the workplace. In this blog, I want to discuss why it makes good business sense to implement learning at work and the opportunities you have to create a culture of lifelong learning in your organisation.  

The WEA is an adult education charity that has been delivering high-quality learning for the past 120 years. We know that adult education is crucial for anyone looking to improve their skills and career prospects. We also see how valuable it is for employers to close the skills gap, boosting productivity and improving employee retention.  

Investing in people

One of the biggest barriers to accessing adult education is lack of time, so delivering learning at work means you are not only helping them develop new skills and knowledge, but you are also showing them that you are invested in their growth and development as professionals. This can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty, which are essential for retaining talented employees.  

But it's not just your staff who benefit from work-based training. There are clear benefits for employers as well. For one, investing in your staff's skills and knowledge can lead to improved productivity and efficiency in the workplace. When employees feel confident and capable in their roles, they are more likely to work harder and produce better results. Additionally, offering training opportunities to your staff can help attract new talent to your organisation. Prospective employees are often looking for employers who are invested in their growth and development, and offering training opportunities can be a real selling point.  

Work in partnership with the WEA

If you’re looking to improve your employees’ skills, working in partnership with an organisation like WEA gives you access to experts in adult education. We offer a wide range of courses that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you need to upskill your staff in a particular area or want to offer general training opportunities, we can work with you to create a bespoke training programme that meets your needs. Plus, by working with us, you can tap into our network of experienced tutors and trainers who are experts in their fields.  

National Numeracy Day 

One particular event that falls during Learning for Work week is National Numeracy Day. This day is all about promoting the importance of numeracy skills and raising awareness of the barriers that employees face when it comes to developing these skills. For many employees, poor numeracy skills can be a real barrier to career progression. According to National Numeracy, research has shown that low numeracy skills can cost employers up to £3.2 billion per year https://www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/research-and-resources/cost-outcomes-associated-low-levels-adult-numeracy-uk-2014. That's why we offer functional skills qualifications in maths, which can help improve numeracy skills and open up new career opportunities. Best of all, these courses are free to people who do not already have a Level 2 qualification in maths.  

So, as you can see, there are clear benefits to offering your staff training opportunities and partnering with an adult skills organisation like the WEA. By investing in your staff's growth and development, you can improve productivity, attract new talent, and retain your best employees. And with courses like functional maths skills qualifications and essential digital skills, you can help your staff develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.  

Explore our courses for skills development and upskilling

We are committed to helping people develop their skills and reach their full potential. Whether you're looking to improve your maths skills, learn a new language, or gain essential digital skills, we have a course that can help. And if you're an employer looking to upskill your staff, we can work with you to create a bespoke training programme that meets your needs. So why not make the most of Learning at Work week and take the first step towards a brighter future?  

Find out about partnering with WEA here.  


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Chris Morgan, WEA Director of Education: Employability & Skills
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Director of Education: Employability & Skills

Chris Morgan is the Director of Education: Employability & Skills at the WEA.