As a WEA member, Margaret studies many courses and attends our weekly free lectures. 

“I joined the WEA some years ago and went to local courses, and now, since COVID and the WEA started classes online, I can access courses from all over the country.   

“I’ve done a large number of the courses on various subjects. I was a carer for my mother and the classes were and still are a lifeline. I can access free lectures on stately homes, areas of historic interest and other places that I cannot get to as I no longer drive long distances.  

“The lecturers are excellent, and the WEA is extremely important to me as I learn so much. It keeps my mind active which is so important as you get older. I would be lost without it.” 

Margaret says the information she learns during her WEA classes helps her connect to the wider community too. 

“It’s also helped my connections to family, friends and my local community in that it gives me things to talk about and share knowledge. It would be a disaster for me and so many other members who I’ve spoken to if we did not have the WEA. 

“WEA classes are a lifeline for so many older people and so good for keeping our minds healthy. I have just been to one of the lectures and those on it all agreed that the WEA is a lifeline for us.” 

an older woman raising her hand
Lady in yellow jumper learning with the WEA on her laptop

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