Meet Kelly, a dedicated student nurse who found herself facing the overwhelming challenges of a placement in the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) during the lockdown. The intense environment, coupled with the isolation of living alone, took a toll on Kelly, leading to the development of PTSD symptoms.

Navigating training during a pandemic added an extra layer of stress for Kelly, who was well aware of the demanding nature of hospital work even in normal circumstances. Seeking a creative outlet to cope with the challenges, Kelly's friend suggested trying something new.

"I had never done sewing before, but my mum was really good. She'd sit in the kitchen cross-stitching for hours. I always thought I just don't have that creative gene. I'd always loved fashion, but I've never actually thought to do it."

Kelly sitting by a sewing maching

"This has been so important to me and in my life in general. Now I'm feeling like I can return to nursing and that's because there's options and it doesn't have to be full time. You know, you can do a bit of both."

Enter the WEA sewing class, a transformative experience that opened a new world of creativity for Kelly. Despite initial doubts about having a "creative gene," Kelly quickly discovered her passion for sewing and fashion. In a short amount of time, she gained valuable skills and found immense joy in the creative process.

"I've learned a lot in a very short amount of time. It's completely opened a new world to me, creatively. It's given me a boost to think that if I had the idea now, I don't have to spend ages looking on the internet; I can just make it. This class was bringing me so much joy. I'd walk out, and I'd be smiling for hours."

Kelly's journey from nursing to sewing not only provided a therapeutic outlet for her PTSD symptoms but also empowered her with newfound creative confidence. Through the WEA sewing class, Kelly discovered the healing power of creativity, proving that resilience can take many forms, including the stitches of a sewing needle.

Lady in yellow jumper learning with the WEA on her laptop

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