“I love poetry and writing but have always struggled with maths. I’m applying for apprenticeships in business admin and customer service at the moment and they always ask for Level 2 maths. It's quite a difficult subject and I wanted to get better.” 

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The WEA courses have helped me so much – they've given me confidence in learning again. I’m really enjoying the learning and have progressed with my maths.

Elen has overcome challenges of living with Dyspraxia to excel in her WEA numeracy classes and pick up a Multiply Gold Award. 

The 29-year-old started attending WEA courses online after Covid – initially studying poetry then moving onto maths to help her secure an apprenticeship. 

Elen currently volunteers for a hospice. Her triumphant learner story is one of determination and resilience. Despite facing numerous setbacks in her pursuit of mathematics education, she remained undeterred.  

After unsuccessful attempts at traditional courses, she turned to the WEA’s Multiply program online, with support from her numeracy coach to overcome obstacles. Her perseverance paid off as she progressed to a Level 2 Functional Skills maths course and now sets her sights on enrolling in a Level 3 Digital Boot Camp - a journey she once believed to be beyond her reach.  

“Maria was a really nice tutor who spent a lot of time in one-to-one sessions with me to help me be able to achieve the maths Multiply course. When I went on to Functional Skills, Carla was very helpful with explaining things in a different way until I understood it. 

“The courses have also helped me develop my confidence to speak to new people. I’d like to be able to go on more courses, believe in myself and apply for jobs and get more confidence. I believe that you should never stop learning.” 


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