Meet Peter, who once struggled to find focus and consistency in his interests. "I can never focus too well on things. I always lost interest or got hyper-fixated, so trying to keep a steady thing going; it’s never easy." However, everything changed for Peter when he joined a WEA sewing class.

"I loved every moment of doing this. Ever since I got my sewing machine and started doing this; I just love creating things. It’s taught me properly how to sew. I never knew what certain meanings were, and now I understand them and am still learning about them."

Peter's experience in the sewing class goes beyond acquiring new skills. "Every single person here, they’re all friendly. I was very nervous when I came but I love them. Good friends to have."

Peter sitting by a sewing maching

Lots of people think that certain materials are for certain projects, like curtain material for curtains but I see material and use it to make whatever. Let the creativity flow – whatever happens, happens! It’s amazing.

Peter has seamlessly integrated his newfound sewing skills with his other passion: parkour. "I do parkour. I’ve got my own brand but it’s not anywhere near starting. I’ve got the design name and the logo, but I want to make my own set and my own capes. We’re working on patterns – that's helping me a lot to progress with my own ideas and make them stronger and more durable. I came in one day with a cape, and everyone loved it!"

Lady in yellow jumper learning with the WEA on her laptop

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