Debbie joined us for an Include IT course, in a WEA project in Merseyside. When she joined the project her confidence using computers was low and, at times, this made her feel a bit down.

“Not being able to the basics on a computer or tablet was getting embarrassing, and really limited my life. I wanted to be able connect with others who felt like me and develop my skills in a non-judgemental and friendly environment, and that’s what the WEA offered. 

At the time I was job-hunting. I needed to create a CV and cover letters to support job applications, and to be able to search and apply for jobs online. Digital job hunting was daunting. My tutor helped me along each step – carefully explaining the landscape and step by step what to do online. 

Digital job hunting was daunting. My tutor helped me along each step

Once successful in securing an interview, the concept of a virtual interview was the next barrier. My tutor was great. She prepared me for interviews, both online and face-to-face. I was well rehearsed. And, the final touch, was that the WEA provided me with a Kindle Fire 7 – no longer was I reliant on others to do my searching, applying and interviews.  

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve been successful in securing a job in a local school, working lunch hours which is perfect to fit in with my caring responsibilities. I’m grateful for the help the WEA provided on this journey.”

Lady in yellow jumper learning with the WEA on her laptop

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