“Rajvir is an exceptional learner,” says WEA Tutor Chadney “I have had the privilege of teaching her for three years on Level 1 and Level 2 ESOL courses.” 

“I did a Bachelor of Arts degree in India, and then when we lived in Spain, I was always speaking Spanish. I forgot English,” Rajvir says. “When we came here, I didn’t know how I have to speak. Then I joined this WEA course, and the teacher told us how we have to speak, how we need to listen, in English.” 

Rajvir tends to some tomatoes

Two years ago, Rajvir got a job with DPD working in the warehouse. Since then, her improvement in English has led to training, and a promotion to working with computers to handle incoming and outgoing packages. “This is a difficult position to get for a non-native speaker due to the accuracy needed,” Chadney explains. “But her manager saw her focus and drive and improvement in English, and so offered her the opportunity.” 

“Since I have known Rajvir, she has shown how committed she is to learning and knows its value to improving yourself and your family. She works nights and then only has 3/4 hours sleep before coming to lessons. Her attendance is phenomenal, never going below 90% on any course she's done with WEA.” 

Rajvir’s determination to improve her English skills is making a difference in other areas of her life too. “Day by day I’m progressing in my life,” she says. “I pay all my bills, I do my car insurance myself. In my job I can speak confidently with my manager, with my friends. If we improve our English, I think we can do anything.”

Video transcript

I'm Rajvir Kaur and I'm nominated for the Career Success award.

So my journey of WEA it's very long.,I studied like a Bachelor of Arts in India, so when I came to Spain I was speaking Spanish, so I forgot English. Then when we came here, so I don't know how I have to speak,

Then I joined this course. The teacher told us so how we have to speak, how we need to listen to English. Day by day I'm progressing in my life. When I started in DPD I started with urgency, I was loading trailers, so three or four trailers, day and night so it was very hard.

I progressed and they shipped me upstairs, where there is small parcels, so now I scanned them codes because I progressed my English I improved my English that's why.

I pay all my bills, I do my car insurance.

Myself on my job, I can speak confidently with my manager with my friends, so if we improve our English so I think we can do anything.

I'm very proud of to me when I got email Rajvir you nominated for this award I said wow I'm very proud of to receive this award.

Rajvir was the winner of the WEA Learner career success award, sponsored by NCFE, at the 2022 WEA Awards.

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