Oksana, a mother of two sons, fled the war-torn region of Ukraine and found refuge in Evesham. Grateful for the generosity of her sponsors, she embarked on a journey to rebuild her life in a new country, starting with learning the language.

Her hard work and dedication to WEA English lessons paid off and she’s now working for Worcester City Council, helping other Ukrainian refugees with housing and job searches. For this work, she is a worthy winner of a WEA Gold Community Contribution Award.

Nobody knows what can happen next in our lives. I was working in the Ukrainian Government and then the war broke out. I understood I needed to do something during my time in the UK. I love people. I like working with people. I wanted to find something like I had in Ukraine.

Despite facing language barriers, she was determined to improve her English skills to secure employment and support her family.

Through her unwavering commitment, Oksana diligently attended English lessons provided by the WEA three times a week. Additionally, she volunteered at a local charity shop, seizing every opportunity to practice her newfound vocabulary.

The fruits of Oksana's labour have blossomed as she secured a position with Worcester City Council, a testament to her hard work and perseverance.

In Ukraine, Oksana received an award for developmental projects for children. Now she helps Ukrainians integrate into UK society. She embodies the spirit of resilience and community, giving back to others what she has learned through her educational journey.

A woman with long curly hair stands in a dimly lit, ornate hall, wearing a blue blazer, white shirt, and lanyard. The hall features chandeliers and portraits on the walls.

Thanks to the courses I did with the WEA I have my job with Worcester City Council. I try to do what I can for my family, for our community, and I’m very happy to do this.

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