Having emigrated from Hong Kong, Angel wanted to help guide her daughter into a career as a carer. Little did she know that it would take her into the profession first. She explains her unexpected journey to the frontline of a major NHS hospital. 

"I moved to Manchester from Hong Kong with my family last August. I had worked in different senior roles in Hong Kong, but the political situation became too difficult, and so we made the decision to emigrate.  

My daughter had just graduated from high school and her English was not good, so I was very keen to help her find a career that would give her the chance to learn the language at the same time. The care industry seemed the perfect fit. She signed up for an ESOL for Care course with the WEA. I decided to do that same course myself, just to see what it would be like for her.  

And I really enjoyed it! I’ve made friends with women from different backgrounds and cultures. I liked that the course is half online, half in the classroom. That was a good balance.  

My plan was to do the Step into Care afterwards, but when I accompanied my daughter to an NHS job fair, I ended up getting a job myself. As it happens, my daughter is now doing the Step into Care course, and all the sessions are online, so I can learn it anyway. I appreciate too that she is given the opportunity to do a placement, as that is the best way to learn and speak with other people."


Like daughter, like mum  

"I chose to work in the same way as her, because I know care is not an easy job. It's very physically demanding. To live in a new country and speak a different language, you need to be mentally strong. I wanted to walk a similar path so we could share the same experiences. That’s important to me as a mother.  

I started working at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in August. So far, so good. I’ve never worked in a hospital before, so this is a great change for me.  

Manchester is a great place for us to settle. I feel blessed to be here. On behalf of the Hong Kong people, I would like to thank the UK Government truly for giving us the opportunity. Manchester City Council has funded the ESOL class and provided a welcoming package to help us integrate into local life. We appreciate the opportunity immensely – and that’s why we want to contribute back to the community".

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