Abdalazeez and his family embarked on a life-changing journey from Syria to the UK, settling in Portsmouth. Leaving behind a flourishing nursing career with an NGO (non-governmental organisation) in his home country, Abdalazeez faced the challenges of adapting to a new culture and rebuilding his professional life.

In the initial months, communication hurdles and homesickness weighed heavily on Abdalazeez. However, a turning point came when a friend introduced him to the WEA course in Employment Skills. Encouraged by the prospect of enhancing his employability, Abdalazeez decided to give it a try.

Abdalazeez not only acquired valuable insights into job interview preparation but also found himself surrounded by a diverse group of individuals sharing similar aspirations. His tutor's expertise and supportive approach played a pivotal role in boosting Abdalazeez's confidence.

I thought let’s go and give it a try. I met lots of other interesting people on the course, all from different cultures. The course was led by Bahar, who taught us how to prepare for job interviews. To be honest, she is just awesome. She’s very good at her work and knows what she’s doing. The secret to a good interview is building up your confidence.

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While the journey to adapt his certificate continues, finding employment has made a profound impact on Abdalazeez's life. Portsmouth, with its welcoming atmosphere and compassionate community, has become a place where Abdalazeez envisions a promising future for himself and his family.

I was nervous, but I got the job the first time. It was terrific. The next step is to become registered as a nurse, like I was in Syria. I need to adapt my certificate to meet the standards of the Nursing and Midwifery Council so I can start working for the NHS. But I hope to do that soon.

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