Our mission is to bring education within reach of all who need it, fighting inequality and promoting social justice.

With a third of students leaving school with no or low qualifications and few life chances, there are some stark statistics that evidence the need for education, like ours that raises aspirations, builds confidence and then skills.

The state of the nation:

  • 9 million adults have low literacy or numeracy (Learning for Work Institute, 2022)

  • 25% of the UK population are likely to struggle with online services (UK Consumer Digital Index 2023)

  • 57% of 16-64 year olds without qualifications are unemployed (Gov.uk 2023)

  • 13 million were living in poverty in the UK in 2020/21 (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2023)

  • 3.8 million ensure chronic loneliness (ONS 2023)

  • 26% of adults don't speak to their neighbours or members of the community on a regular or monthly basis (UK Gov, 2021)​​

Through annual surveys of our learners, we can prove our impact:

  • 51% report an increase in self-confidence

  • 83% report improved well-being

  • 42% of skills learners have got a job or progressed into further learning

  • 91% have visited the GP less than the national average

  • 39% made new friends

  • 70% mixed with people they wouldn't normally mix with ​​

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