Confidence building courses for adults  

Being confident can improve your personal, and work life. Lots of things can happen to make you full of self-doubt. Doing a confidence-building course can help you realise what you can achieve.   

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A judgement-free space

You won’t be judged at the WEA. You’ll find supportive tutors and course mates who have been through similar things to you. You’ll find ways of becoming more assertive, and practice them in a safe space.   

You’ll find new ways to give yourself the compassion and understanding that you’ll give others. You’ll boost yourself esteem, and break the cycle of self-doubt. Sweep away negative thoughts and tackle life events with a new optimism. 

Take one step at a time

It won’t be all at once, and it won’t be overwhelming. Our class sizes are small, and your tutor can tailor classes to your personal style. You’ll grow in confidence at your own pace.  

Building your confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem gives you a boost. Learn to believe in yourself and meet new people who believe in you already. Learn your way, with the WEA.

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