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Our Art History courses will give you a deeper understanding of what you're looking at. When it comes to art, everyone's has their own opinion on which artist is better than the other, and what their most famous work signifies.

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Through exploring the world of art history, you'll be learning about why pieces are made in the first place and what the pieces mean. You will also examine how that’s changed over a period of time, as well as the impact it’s had on society. 

You’ll be taught about many of the aspects from the art creation process, such as the materials used in artworks, and how different kinds of artists contribute differently in expressing their ideas through freehand drawing or digital media. 

Whether you're a seasoned art appreciator or a newbie, there's something here for everyone. From exploring art painted by Salvador Dali or learning all about the history of Nordic Art from the Viking era, we have a selection of online and in-person art history courses from different decades to choose from.  

Attend an Art History course near you  

Whether you choose to learn from the comfort of your own home, or opt for a space in your local community, you’ll be taught by a talented tutor who is an expert in their field. 

The support you’ll receive on our Art History courses

Your tutor will encourage you to develop an understanding of Art History that goes beyond what's on the surface, motivating you to truly immerse yourself in the subject. It’s our learning experience that sets us apart too, with an encouraging environment that ensures you attend each session with the excitement to learn.   

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The courses below have already started, but are still available to book.

Art Appreciation: Local Artists Colchester Part 2

This 5-week course delves into the works of five local artists, featuring Cedric Morris, Aline Gowen, Roderic Barrett, Richard Beford, and Mildred Blakiston. Each week explores key art concepts including, colour and composition through samples of their work. You will engage in group discussions, take notes, and recall information. By the end of the course, you will be able to notice significant local artists, describe their artistic methods, spot similarities and differences among local artists, deconstruct essential components of artworks, and select a preferred piece based on personal opinion.

Course Information

Fri 17/05/2024 -
Fri 21/06/2024
10:15am - 12:15pm
5 sessions
Castle Methodist Church (Colchester)
Maidenburgh Street
Abbie Cairns
Course code:
How you'll learn:
In venue
10+ places remaining
In progress
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Free to £42.00