Not your average classroom

“I served just over 2 years in prison. I first got involved with the WEA from our local children’s centre. I was really nervous."

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Making a difference in Rochdale

“My daughter tells everyone ‘my mummy comes to school to learn maths.’ She knows I’m learning something and she realises it’s not just kids that have to learn something - adults do as well”…

Education for its own sake

“It’s a good space for meeting people with similar interests. All the friends I’ve made here I got to meet through WEA courses…The social aspect is very important at my age.”

Confidence building through music

“…they are taking the lead and we can just stand back - that’s what it’s all about – increasing independence and confidence for people to just to be themselves”

We’re all adults here

“I left school and home at 16 - pregnant. It was a very isolating point of my life. I wouldn’t have known education was available to me. It was only by chance I met WEA tutor Emma…” - Lisa’s Story

A way forward for a lot of people

“I socialise a lot in the WEA. I’ve met different people, different friends. It means a lot to me. It’s improved my confidence…The WEA does work – it’s a way forward for a lot of people here in our community” - Yasmeen’s story

Sharing skills; Improving lives

“It’s not often you get to use the skills you’ve been given at work to help support people outside of work. It’s really satisfying.” - Lloyds volunteers