What are digital skills?

We're giving you an introduction into the world of technology, including what the term means and why having computer skills can benefit you on a personal and professional level. Plus, you can start growing your IT knowledge today with a free digital skills course from the WEA.

What are they? Why do I need them? How can I improve them? We've got all these and more of your essential computer and IT questions covered in our bitesize guide to digital skills. If you're interested in gaining or growing your computer skills, call 0300 303 3464 or check out our range of digital courses here.

What are digital skills?

In a nutshell, digital skills are anything relating to the use of IT and computers. This can encompass everything ranging from experience with Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and communicating on social media right up to coding and website design.

Why are IT skills important?

In a time where technology has become an ingrained part of our everyday lives, it certainly pays to have a few basic digital skills for work. Not only do the majority of jobs now prefer employees to have at least some degree of tech know-how to fit in with their increasing online presence, but our personal lives can also benefit from the ability to use computers and navigate the web. As well as being able to connect with our loved ones via video calls and social media, you can also simplify everyday chores such as food shopping, and bring a world of possibilities within reach.

How will IT skills help me professionally?

Having some basic IT skills under your belt will help you to no end in the working world. While many roles have now adopted technology into their MO, there's also a number of new jobs that are popping purely based around technology. We're talking social media marketers, web analysts, web designers and more. But not only will tech skills help you to get a job, but they'll also help you move up the ladder. Data gathered by Burning Glass in 2017 found that those with digital skills earned between 14 - 33% more than their non-digital savvy co-workers. Which is not to be sniffed at.

What essential computer skills do I need?

This depends entirely on what you might need it for. We would recommend taking a beginner's course in digital skills to start with and then go from there. Who knows, you might discover a passion for it and wish to progress from there? Or, perhaps you could research the type of job you're interested in and get some digital skills training based on that goal?

Feeling inspired? Call 0300 303 3464 or check out our range of digital courses here if you want to grow your digital knowledge; from free beginner's digital skills courses to working on WordPress.