Remember - Poem by Paul Tunstill

Remember - Poem by Paul Tunstill
WEA Student, Rotherham

Paul, who attends a confidence building and functional skills course in Rotherham, submitted this Poem to remember all our fallen heroes.


In days and months and years to come,

remember all the fallen sons.

The fathers, brothers, sisters too,

who gave their lives for me and you.


Let not the sacrifice be for nought,

through all the ‘bloody’ wars they fought.

Let’s live in peace and bend a knee,

to pray for love and harmony.


Recall the crosses row by row,

in foreign fields where poppies grow.

The blood of Nations marking well,

the places where the heroes fell.


Let’s pledge ourselves and try our best,

to ‘keep the faith’ with those who ‘rest’,

to make the world a better place,

for all peoples of the human race.


Paul Tunstill 11/11/2017


We are very proud and happy for Paul on getting recognised by the Rotherham's Royal British Legion, his moving poem will feature on the wreath that will be placed in Belgium.