Mayoral Elections 2018 - WEA #AdultLearningCounts Campaign

The Elections & Adult Learning

In May, there will be an election for a metro Mayor in Sheffield City Region. The Mayor will have responsibility for the overall economic strategy for their region and will have wide-ranging powers and significant budgets.

When campaigning to be Mayor, we expect the candidates to be talking about economic strategy, but they won’t necessarily be making the connection with Adult Education or Community Learning and how it can contribute.

This is why we need your help as WEA volunteers and supporters.

How Can You Help?

We would like you all to contact all the candidates with a simple message about the benefits of lifelong learning and the ways it can improve economic growth, community life and personal wellbeing.

This will help the candidates to understand better why adult education should be a higher priority and why it should be at the heart of their plans if elected.

Social Media

Nearly all of the candidates are using social media – especially Twitter – to promote their campaigns.

We have prepared a simple Pledge Card which candidates & public supporters can easily place on their Twitter feeds or Facebook pages as a means of showing their support for adult education.

Local candidates are more likely to do this if other people in the region are also showing their support for lifelong learning, which you can do by putting the Pledge Card on your own social media profiles.


Letters of Support

You may also wish to write to candidates or your local press with similar messages promoting the benefits of lifelong learning and explaining what it means to you.


Practical Advice & FAQs

i) Where is the Mayoral Election happening?

It is taking place in Sheffield City Region – covering Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

ii) Who are my candidates?

You can find out more about the election here

If you are a registered voter you will also receive election literature especially nearer the Election Date on 3 May.

The Pledge Card is designed to work best on Twitter and we have put together a list of all the candidates’ Twitter names to assist you with your support. See end of guidance notes (Download).

Important Charity Rules:

The WEA is a charity and must follow strict guidelines about campaigning.

We must not favour any candidates over another. The Pledge Card is designed to be shared with all candidates and we urge you to circulate it widely.

We must stay within our charitable purposes which means that we are only asking you to contact the candidates about adult education and learning and not any other issues

We would be delighted if all candidates’ sign up to the Pledge but by doing this should be recognised as an endorsement of lifelong learning not an association with the WEA.