Holt Park Active Centre students & Tutor Treasa win Gold at Leeds in Bloom

We are thrilled to announce an award on #NationalAllotment week that our students at Holt Park Active Centre have won alongside Gardening and Holistic Yoga tutor Treasa!

One of many of the WEA courses that runs at Holt Park Active is a practical Gardening course where some outdoor space has been dedicated for students to develop and maintain their very own garden. The students and support staff hoped for a tutor that could help visualise and make changes that would help them win Leeds in Bloom on their third time of entering.


Tutor Tresea highlights that "from the start of the course, the group were committed and passionate about making changes that brought more wildlife, beauty and sustainability to the centre".


Treasa, ran a very interactive course with various practical sessions exploring the sowing and planting of vegetables, flowers and plants, whilst also getting creative in designing hanging baskets. She encouraged students to share their skills and experience to learn from one another as well as her, the tutor. Although heavily practical, the course was also theoretical with quizzes and fun games educating students about gardening, sustainability and eco systems.


Ralph and David (prized rhubarb students), would visit the garden and care for it on days the course didn’t run by watering, weeding and feeding the birds with the support of centre staff.



Student Frank, with the suggestions of other students, designed and made two large trellis in his own time which have been greatly admired, to the extent of requests for people’s personal gardens.


Throughout the course, students have made friends, developed fantastic teamwork skills, and above all, had fun whilst learning.


The garden now looks amazing, the group have produced lots of fruit and veg this year, which they have used to make healthy meals.



Treasa has kindly shared some hints & tips to inspire your green thumbs!

  • For inspiration, visit a garden centre, parks, allotments (get to know your local green spaces) and notice how you are feeling when outdoors 
  • You can't have too much colour in your garden! Plant a bulb in a pot, tulips and daffodils come back every year
  • Try something new! You don't have to have a big garden to grow flowers or vegetables. You can even grow mixed salad leaves indoors

All you need is:

  • a gardening tray
  • salad seeds
  • compost
  • commitment to water each day


Place the tray near a windowsill for good light and always read the instructions on the pack.


Just like we need water to survive, so do plants! The trick is not to over or under water depending the weather. It is best to check with your hand how the soil or compost feels. If it is very dry, add water.


Slightly moist is ideal.


Happy gardening!



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