"As I suffer from depression and anxiety, I find this course...

Art for Wellbeing
WEA Student, Anita

Anita's struggle with anxiety and depression became too overwhelming until she found her 'happy place'

Anita finds her happy place at our Art for Wellbeing class in Halifax


Our Art for Wellbeing class run by WEA Tutor Sarah O'Boyle is designed to give students an opportunity to explore a variety of art and craft techniques through a series of mini projects. Sarah ensures each of her sessions are flexible, giving students the opportunity to personalise their own learning journey towards the end of the course.

Student Anita has battled with anxiety and depression but has found that Sarah's Art class allows her to gain control of her emotions. Having recently visited the class, we were shown a wide variety of beautiful work by each of the students. Anita was very proud to show us her wreath and garland made out of re-cycled fabric, a technique worked on with tutor Sarah.


"As I suffer from depression and anxiety, I find this course very therapeutic. When I am all alone in my flat and become down, I tend to make items inspired by this course which gives me a lot of pleasure. I have made a wreath and garland out of re-cycled fabrics and knitted small robins too" - Anita

Prior to the course, Anita felt quite isolated and struggled to get out of bed on a morning due to her anxiety. She was apprehensive on her first session however she feels that the course is "one of the best things that's happened" for her. Her fellow students have become her friends and she has also joined the Drawing Class as she loves what the sessions bring her.

Below is a photo of Anita working on a Bookfolding technique to create a tree