When you're determined enough, you can achieve anything

Since joining the WEA course (Helping in Schools), it has opened up so many doors for my professional development. The course enabled me to volunteer at Wybourn Community Primary School (which I did for three years). Then as a result I received a full-time job. Whilst volunteering I worked alongside a group of children who took part in a science experiment. The head teacher at the time asked the office workers to make sure that I receive an application for a teaching assistant position. She must have seen something special in me to say that. I remember this clearly as the compliment made me feel worthy.

The course was the platform for my educational career. After starting my Teaching Assistant role, I took part in many different training courses such as; NIP (narrative intervention programme) Switch On (reading and writing programme and Reading for Inference. (analysing text). I have also taken part in a university project that engages gifted and talented children (Y6). Recently, I was asked to present at the awards evening held for the children and their parents. This was a great confidence booster. I am also involved in the schools healthy eating project -Shine. This project educates children about the importance of eating healthily and exercising.

Working at the school has enabled me to further develop my skills and I have now completed my Level 3 TA.

In the last two years, I have become the after-school club manager. Carrying out planning activities, preparing healthy snacks for children to enjoy and managing staff rotas. 

From September 2019, I will be starting a new chapter in my learning journey. I have been accepted to study a BA in Education Culture and Childhood with a Foundation year at The Sheffield University. To help me with my studies the school is supporting me by shortening my hours, so that I can attend my course. They have also arranged for me giving me to work in Foundation Stage 1, enabling me to gain experience working with the younger children, which I will need for my course. 

The course has given me confidence and self-belief. In my life outside of work I have recently passed my driving test, (which I struggled with in the beginning). I overcame my fears and was resilient in pursuing this achievement by not giving up and continuing through difficulties. 

I have taken part in many 10k running events and half marathons. These experiences have taught me that when you’re determined enough you can achieve anything. 

A WEA class will boost your confidence and working in a relaxed friendly environment will enable you to thrive, as you move through your professional journey.

For those looking to attend a WEA course, I would say do it! You will not regret this decision. It will transform your life, just like it has done mine.

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